Network Rail Guided Transport System Decision Framework

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[This section actually needs to go into the Multi Modal Assessment Tool rather than as a stand-alone]

The reality of system selection is that there are many overlaps between the various rail systems available. The intent of this framework is not therefore to select one system as an absolute winner, but rather to ensure that the all the necessary questions are asked and explored at the right time in the selection process such that all the systems can be explored, their relativity understood and areas of risk highlighted and logged for further investigation. In addition the aim in the system design stage is to challenge technology and use innovation to lay the right foundations at the earliest stage of scheme development. This will increase the likelihood of a successful business case and ensure that a sustainable and efficient solution is generated right from the start.

[NB we won’t use the actual full NR diagram in our final issue, but a cut out / reproduced section for the initial stages around mode selection. Text to be added to summarise the decision tree stages. Also needs the link to the mode selection tool to be from this page.]