How to use this toolkit

The tools have been grouped into four main areas, strategy, explore, examine, and culture & capability.

To make it easier for you, the toolkit has been designed for you to start in the strategy section first.

Then move on to explore, then examine. The culture & capability section can be applied at any point and should be considered in conjunction with all the others.

As you look at the output from a tool you may need to go back and revisit earlier work to check it is still valid based on your developing knowledge of the project. The ‘pause / proceed’ stages are ideal points to do this, but you can do it at any time.

This toolkit will help you collect together your findings and decision making as part of your project justification and business case.

Some of the tools are very straightforward and others are more complex. Some areas such as the costs and benefits considerations might need you to take specialist advice.

On the Explainer Videos page are a series of videos to explain more about how the BVR website and tools are intended to be used.

Start with the strategy section.