“Face your problems early on”

If by this stage you have chosen a rail solution you should examine assumptions and interdependencies. Start understanding complex issues now, assess the sensitivity impact and invest in the right places early to help make the right decisions.

In the early stages of a rail project you will need to make some assumptions. Waiting to have all the answers before you begin your project could cause delay. Getting this right reduces risk and the tools on this page guide you through a process to develop a better understanding. As your project matures, more information will come to light which will help you develop your assumptions. This will help you develop your ideas without spending more money or resource than you need to at this point. The significance of these assumptions will change over time and it is important to understand what this means on a case by case basis, as well as the complexity of your proposed project.

Assumptions assessment and significance Tool

This tool will give you an early indicator of questions to ask and potential impacts and significance.

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Understanding benefits and costs

Helps users get a good understanding of the drivers of costs versus drivers of benefits which should both be underpinned by an understanding of the significance of any assumptions made, with a risk factor applied.

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Pause or proceed plan

The pause or proceed plan here is the same as in previous sections but should be developed separately for each.

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Download the outline plan.