Vision Tool

Building the vision

Writing a Vision statement helps:

  • Provide clarity for the team
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the problem and solution
  • Offer a common understanding to new leaders entering during the project lifecycle

Once the strategic objectives have been identified the mission should be established in a clear statement that can be easily understood by everyone.

The team should work together to create a vision based on the following format:

Describe your project mission in 10 -15 words without using the transport mode (e.g. rail). This should reflect:

  • The overall outcome
  • Everyone’s role in the mission
  • Plain English

Key principles include:

  • Write in the present tense
  • Use active language
  • Focus on what success looks like
  • Make it goal orientated
  • No more than one adjective in a vision Statement
  • One sentence if possible, never more than two.

Good examples are:

  • Kill Kodak – Fujifilm
  • Putting a man on the moon – NASA
  • A world without poverty – Oxfam
  • Build Borders Sustainably – Borders Rail Project, Network Rail
  • Make People Happy – Disney
  • A computer in every home and on every desk – Microsoft
  • Zero industry caused fatalities and major injuries to passengers, the public, and the workforce – ORR health & safety strategy

Download the vision tool.