Changes to November 2021

Since the website launched at the end of June 2021 we have responded to feedback with some updates and tweaks to the content, these are listed below.

DateSection / toolWhat has changed
30/07/2021Culture / ComplexityResulting from user comment the text of the page for the complexity tool has been amended: adding the last sentence of the 1st paragraph; adding the words preceding ‘when’ to the start of the 2nd paragraph; amending the ‘planning’ line in the table to bring DCO and TWA into the centre box and adding ‘Hybrid Bill’ as the high complexity indicator.
The updated text has also been added into the download file which previously was just the table.
12/08/2021Home PageVideo modified to correct typographical error in subtitles.
18/08/2021Pause / proceedReferences to criteria being ‘met’ replaced with ‘deliver’. Notes to Step 4 amended to reflect that it is the check against the strategic objectives that is being made, not a review of the objectives themselves.
18/08/2021Early Stage SpecificationLast sentence added to step 1 to introduce idea of reducing scope of outputs as a trade off to substantially reduced costs.
‘Capacity’ added into Step 2 elements.
18/08/2021Common assessment frameworkText added to Collaboration and culture first bullet to reflect that not just rail industry partners but also “…and local stakeholders such as highway, transport and planning authorities”
18/08/2021Vision ToolDescription of Borders vision amended to show it was not vision of whole of Network Rail just that specific project.
18/08/2021AboutPage amended to reflect launch date of site.
18/08/2021Assumptions ToolTypographical error corrected on page 14.
18/08/2021Tram-TrainDescription replaced with updated version.
28/09/2021Transport mode finderAdded second pararagraph re using the ‘freight’ filter, and added “rail” to the filter box description to make it “Compatible with rail freight?”.
07/10/2021Transport mode finderAdditional data, and filter, added for ‘passengers per direction per hour’.