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Changes in November 2022

We have added some further links to the ‘Next Steps‘ page related to potential active travel options to assist those projects where analysis shows that rail-based solutions are either not appropriate, or not the whole solution to strategic objectives.

Changes in August 2022

Following feedback we have updated the Strategic Context Checklist and Narrative Template on the Strategy page. We have added a new glossary and abbreviations document, linked from the About and How to use this toolkit pages.

Changes in April and May 2022

We have now added two new important tools to help with estimating costs of projects. There is a tool for estimating operational expenditure, the OpEx Tool. There is also a tool to help with estimating capital costs, the capital costs…

Changes in December 2021

This month we have added a series of videos to help give some explanation of how to use the website and the tool.You can find these on the Explainer Videos page of the site. We have also added the Benefits…

Changes to November 2021

Since the website launched at the end of June 2021 we have responded to feedback with some updates and tweaks to the content, these are listed below. Date Section / tool What has changed 30/07/2021 Culture / Complexity Resulting from…